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brand new siam shade's forum

i got the news from a friend of mine vapourrain , and apparently it's allready posted on siamshade ,
that everyone is invited to join, and discuss the siam shade love @ http://www.ss-passion.co.cc

join the fun!!

love live video...

ohh i just found this on you tube..

SIAM SHADE Act Against AIDS 2001 Live in Nagoya

( go watch it )

i'm so excited that siam shade's video keeps pouring in on youtube lately..

more siam shade's magazine scans

ok.. as promised.. more siam shade's magazine scans..
each sets were categorized according to folders.. and i put up the credit on each mag.. so thx for those who own them and willing to share... =)

happy downloading ppl..

total size 14MG. download link


magazine scans

just some interesting siam shade's magazine scans..

(download!!) size: 18MG

i have more, so expect more post this month... =)





KAZUMA, he's an obvious pervert, so no surprise there (you research his composed lyrics and you'll know ^^).


NATCHIN, very normal of him. ;P He's already married anyway, and they both must be a suitable couple. :)

JUNJI is shooooooooo cuuuute in replying. <33333333333


Overall, SIAM SHADE men = any girls will be LUCKY to have them. ^o^

x-posted from http://kokorokararock.blogspot.com/.

MANY COOL VIDS are up there, CHECK IT ALL OUT!!! It just makes me LOVE SHAMU EVEN MOAAAAR. <3

Daita & binecks!

New single next month!

01. Glory Days [Lyrics: Keita / Composition & Arrangement: Daita]
02. Ligth of love [Lyrics: Daita / Composition & Arrangement: Daita]

Binecks Official Site [¿?]

You canlisten a preview of this 2 songs on binecks site,
or you can 'click' here:


Release [here]:
2008.06.07 ALBUM: FANTASIA
2008.06.14 LIVE: The guitarr emission 3

♪  ..:: DAITA ::..

...strawberries chocolates

Ooooh I can't believe that I've already completed a third SIAM SHADE quiz. That was fast. (I actually continued the bits of the project which was from last year)

You lucky SHAMU fans!! :P

This time the quiz is more fun ^__^V hehe

Which SIAM SHADE man is for you?

You KNOW you wanna find out. ;D


Pasting the codes here because we all know that quizilla's codes are ugly. DON'T CHEAT! Just get the result which you've seen from my quizilla test. Okies!


Which SIAM SHADE man is for you?

♥ HIDEKI - the eternal romantic love

You are a fairlady at heart who falls hard for old fashion but conventional love. Despite your man having strong real men qualities (the bad boy or tough image, edgyness, aggresive aura), he does have a very sensitive soul deep inside.(he can cry and be easily touched! aww) Once you made him fall inlove with you, there is no turning back for him. He is committed to love you with all his heart, and will go to great lenght to entertain you and make you feel special. He will stick to you no matter the ups and downs. Anything you do to return his affection will earn you his v.i.p treatment and loyalty. Being with him is like in a highly romantic drama or fairy tale. He's like a knight in shining dark armour who will protect you from harms. Spend time with him and assure your love for him, or he'll be gloomy once in a while. Even if things don't work out between the two of you, he shall forever remember you in his memories and make your smile as his motivation in his obstacles and cold nights to come. You must be crazy if you slip him away from your hands!

your compatible zodiacs: aquarius; taurus; cancer; virgo; aries
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Which SIAM SHADE man is for you?

♥ KAZUMA - the sexy exciting love

You landed yourself for a man who is easy, predictable, and bold. (not to mention saucy as well!) You don't have to worry if he'll be flirty, because his motto is "no sex without love". He won't force you into something you're not comfortable with, because being true to oneself is his highest criteria. Once you be with him, your life will be like an exciting roller coaster ride! You'll get to groove, have plenty of fun, receive much new interesting experiences, and do the things you two love the most without a care in the world. Your man is very spontaneous, adventureous, fun, loving and laid-back. He can be very sexy that you can't resist it, and he will give you the inner him that no one else can have. He is a passionate provider, all you need to do is follow his rhythm and return as much love back in order to make him loyal to you. Life is never boring with him, he will encourage you to live life to the fullest. Don't be stubborn or too conservative, as those extreme values are actually really worthy and priceless. Enjoy him! ;P

your compatible zodiacs: pisces; scorpio; leo; aries; aquarius
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Which SIAM SHADE man is for you?

♥ DAITA - the cute creative love

The cute appearences or impressions and stand out talented guy wins your heart. He may be kinda childish in his interests and hobbies, but you don't have to worry because it suits his soul who is a kid at heart. Once you try to spend time with him, you can experience the joy of being a youth anytime, and others can envy you two. He may be older or younger than you, but that does not matter because he shall always have his baby face and dinamo determination. He is serious and professional when it comes to his career and tasks, therefore there is an extreme balance. Though he might have a hard time in figuring how to cheer you up or to court you, because he has a pretty complex mind. You can't blame him for that because he's a potential genius, and he is very creative in everything he do. But you can be relieved that he never fails to come up with many ideas to make you happy and satisfied. Just don't pressure him with things he can't cope with, or he'll be very down. Also, watch out for his fangirls! =P

your compatible zodiacs: gemini; saggitaurius; pisces; cancer; virgo
Take the quiz!


Which SIAM SHADE man is for you?

♥ NATCHIN - the mature stable love

Mysterious appeal of a man attracts you. He can look tough and cool, and it may not seem easy to bring him out of his true shell. Once you get to know him though, he is very easygoing and helpful. He is very stable, mature, and organized. You will feel special because if you're his love, you'll be the only person who will experience his exclusive treatment and knows everything about him. Good in keeping secrets, and used to low-profile way of living, you know he will always be behind your back while you can have plenty of space. You can count on him to manage anything, and he won't complain or be envy if your status is better than him, vice versa. Though be considerate to give him many rewards he deserve, and try to share responsibilities or burden. Your relationship will be steady with a man like him, it is possible to see you two settling down for the long run. He is a potential husband candidate, it'll be a waste to not plan your future with him.

your compatible zodiacs: libra; taurus; capricorn; scorpio; saggitaurius
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Which SIAM SHADE man is for you?

♥ JUNJI - the fun simple love

Such innocence and simplicity in a man is what you're longing for. The guy who can make your average everyday life more fun and colorful makes you feel forever young and stress-free. He is very energetic and funny, that you will surely have plenty of good times together. His fashion style is also pretty bizzare and filled with variety, you won't mind accepting him when others think of him as a dorky or odd person, because you know that's his unique qualities. Socializing is not a problem at all to him, and his good communication skills will hardly create any misunderstandings or conflicts. The only think you have to keep in mind is to have enough tolerance and stamina to keep up with him. Having to do cute yet lovely eccentric ideas with him is very special. When meeting or being with him, you will realize that being optimistic in life will make you live in such a wonderful world. You should appreciate him because in this era such simple yet interesting soul rarely exist.

your compatible zodiacs: aries; saggitaurius; leo; libra; aquarius
Take the quiz!

I got HIDEKI as my ideal love ROFL!! I'm such a sucker for hot real men with sappy love love mmmmmmm. XDDDDDDDDDD

For previous SHAMU quizzies incase you haven't tried, check out
+ What type of SIAM SHADE songs are you?
+ Which SIAM SHADE member are you?

HAVE FUN!!!!!!! <3333333333


OMG! I can't believe that I haven't updated this place in a while. >_<;

Totally gomen. Would love to say big thank you to those who still support this site!!

As your new year 2008 treat, I have completed another SIAM SHADE quiz just for all of you!!! Happy? :D
(click the title below to go to the quiz link)

Which SIAM SHADE member are you?

I will post the results codes below for you to decorate it in your blog, myspace/friendster, online websites, etc. as quizilla's codings are ugly now.


DON'T CHEAT!! Only take the codes of the results you got thru my quizilla test, thanks.

Which SIAM SHADE member are you?

>> HIDEKI: spunky yet sentimental; frontman/powerful vocalist/wonderful lyricist/great composer/activist
Your trademarks are your spunky, punk, and semi-metrosexual styles. Amazingly how mannish, tough, fierce, rebel and determined you look, you actually have a very romantic side in you with several soft spots. The voice you carried out are loud, soothing and powerful! Multi-talented because little do others realize that you contribute the most in your gang and often come up with meaningful and beautiful lyrics and music composing. You also know how to play the guitar and the piano, which we hardly see you showing that. The creative gestures and moves you can come up with your lasting stamina while singing makes you an interesting performer to admire. Unlike the majority of men, you have fonds with cats! Other than that, you are highly connected with your fans with much appreciation. No wonder you are naturally popular.
your tracks: lovesick ~you don't know~, dear..., can't forget you, glacial love
Take the quiz!

Which SIAM SHADE member are you?

>> KAZUMA: saucy sidekick; dancing rhythm guitarist/playful sub vocalist/passionate lyricist/sexy composer
You are like the mirror to HIDEKI, the styles are almost similar, except that you are perfect as the sidekick and your inner self is more naughty than him! You have your mannish sides, but you also have fondings for photo journals and cats. You have the bits of talents/abilities of each of your group members, but you make them shine by allowing them to do what their best at, while you compliment them with your semi-contribution. That goes for music playing, lyrics making, and music composing - your multi-tasking sure is god-like! You never complain, and you are easier to show your true self more than others. There are no other guitarist who knows how to have fun while making music as well, because it is always glee to see you performing. If there's any supporter and best partner to count on for, it's definitely you!
your tracks: why not?, love vampire, 1999, over the rainbow
Take the quiz!

Which SIAM SHADE member are you?

>> DAITA: genius cutie; pro lead guitarist/creative composer
Your looks and interests makes you baby face and forever young, even though you're the eldest among your friends. And when you talk, oh boy does it sound the deepest than the rest! But when it comes to your skills...whoah you're such a killer! You can earn the spotlight by just using your hands (playing the guitar) without words (no need singing). You catch up and learn and master things easily, and you manage to improvise every experience and knowledge you've taken. Some wonderful and uncanny music are composed by you. What makes you cute is because your hobbies and styles are ranged below young adults, and the way you act and speak are humble, yet you are a genius in the things you do! There's no doubt that you are highly likeable and idolized by people. It's not a surprise if fans are crazy after you.
your tracks: bloody train, street fighter 2 opening, tryptich, solomon's seal
Take the quiz!

Which SIAM SHADE member are you?

>> NATCHIN: silent and golden; low-profile leader/uncanny bassist
That jet black hair and nice fit arms of yours are your evergreen and appealing image. Your appearance hardly change and remain the same unlike others. Usually bass music are hard to hear, but you managed to bring it out for listeners to enjoy your lovely bass sounds. Tend to be quiet, simple, observant, humble and hardworking. You are very low profile and often times preferred to stay or blend in the background. It really gives a reserved and mysterious impressions to most people, as your background are not as recognized compared to your partners. However, you seem to be the leader of your group. This makes you the mastermind behind everything, somewhat the unsung hero, and you make a good and patient organizer. Gawd, there needs to be more bosses with characteristics and showmanship as you!
your tracks: d.d.d, money is king?, shangri-la
Take the quiz!

Which SIAM SHADE member are you?

>>JUNJI: genki dork; super amazing drummer/energetic performer
The blonde/orange dyed hair, interesting long eyebrows, dopey eyes, and face mole you have gave you a distinctive image. You have your own funky and laid-back style which makes you comfortable all the time. Such a poor thing that you need to give the most energy in your group (trust me, rock drums with several parts are not easy to control the beats!) though you always remain at the back. Yet people can notice that you love creating new creative styles to drum your way or to do your things. And you are indeed very speedy when it comes to your skills. You seem the most easy type to approach because of your constant grins, smiles, happy-go-lucky spirit and amiable aura. It is proven because you are great in interacting and communicating with people. Although you remain in the background, but when given the chance to take the spotlight, you can entertain people with your goofy-ness and exaggerated acts. The cutest dork has to be you!
your tracks: no! marionette, keikoku, allergy, outsider
Take the quiz!

Wakakaka...I got DAITA when I took my own quizzie. +.+

Hope you enjoy it! Please leave a comment or shout out to let me know which result you get ya! :D


What type of Siam Shade songs are you?

***EDITED: BYE-BYE OLD SYSTEM! I finally transferred this quiz to Quizilla! You can take the questions there. ^_^***

I still keep the results codes because Quizilla's new codes are ugly. ^^;


What type of SIAM SHADE songs are you?

Your songs are upbeat melody yet melancholic lyrics!
despite the energetic bursting vibes you have, your inner self is still heartbreak over something dearly important to you which is most likely impossible to grab hold of anymore. however painfulness you've felt deeply in your heart, you still know how to keep your head up and dedicate the rest of your fullest life to your lost inspiration. you are entirely positive in a melancholic way. something indicates that you're a great reserved charmer. keep walking on, because there are not many as mentally strong and expressive as you! (infact, rarely)
compatible with: type B, type E, type F
lyrics: time's, glacial love, setsunasa yorimo tooku e, rain, no control
music: glacial love | rain | setsunasa yorimo tooku e | no control
PVs: time's | glacial love | setsunasa yorimo tooku e | rain
support siam shade
Take the quiz!

What type of SIAM SHADE songs are you?

Your songs are beautiful melody with sad love messages!
you may be sad over something significant, or had lost something precious in your heart. however, you're the type who can't stop thinking of the things/goals (or person) you've always wanted, and terribly missing those much. you know you need 'em back strongly, therefore you strive the very best to achieve it in a very wishful or hopeful way. you don't easily give up, and don't believe that fate controls you, but the power is there at the grasp of your hands instead. go for what you deeply want with all your heart, you know you can make it in the end!
compatible with: type A, type C, type F
lyrics: calling, destination truth, 1/3 no junjou na kanjou, imagination, ima wa tada
music: calling | 1/3 no junjou na kanjou | imagination | ima wa tada
PVs: calling | 1/3 no junjou na kanjou | imagination
support siam shade
Take the quiz!

What type of SIAM SHADE songs are you?

Your songs are romantism melody sealed with forever love!
clearly your gestures, actions, expressions and words (or just about everything!) tells and read the obvious that you are totally inlove or is a cheerful optimist at heart. tend to be exagerrated in reactions but as long as you're true to yourself, you're cool. you know what you want, you get what you want, you do what you love. loving, caring, selfless, sincere, protective is what you're good at but just don't be easily naive. others see you as a perfect figure, but nobody knows that in truth you do have your own ups and downs. who cares because your world is constantly beautiful because you make it that way!
compatible with: type B, type D, type F
lyrics: lovesick ~you don't know~, moon, don't, tears I cried, heaven, love, dear...
music: lovesick ~you don't know~ | heaven | dear...
PVs: lovesick ~you don't know | moon | tears I cried | love
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Take the quiz!

What type of SIAM SHADE songs are you?

Your songs are powerful beat with saucy attitude!
you are seriously aggresive in demanding what you lust or love, that makes you extremely bold and blunt in revealing your inner needs and true feelings. you can be kinky; daring, sexy/hot, appealing, utterly passionate, restless but can easily get bored/tired over same routines. those who love badass and spunks will adore you alot. anyone who ends up in your bedroom territory will surely be driven high with your generous giving and care. will most of the time take the lead but can be controlled if desired. whether you are loyal or not, perhaps depends on your soulmate. but no doubt that if you found your right partner in crime for life, you will be together for the longest time.
compatible with: type C, type E, type B
lyrics: passion, why not?, love vampire, black, sexual sniper, adrenalin, shangri-la, money is king?
music: passion | black | adrenalin | love vampire
PVs: passion | why not? | sexual sniper | shangri-la | adrenalin
support siam shade
Take the quiz!

What type of SIAM SHADE songs are you?

Your songs are steady/heavy beat with realist thoughts!
no fooling around, rational, confident, long stamina, realistic, independant, intellectual...yet can be cynical, a bit self centered, trusting takes time, and learning how to adapt to the modern world is just you. you think of work, you think of life routine, you look at news, you see the world, you know what to do and you know your limits. you can get all depressing and upset over tragic and crimes roaming around, not being able to do anything, strongly thinks criminals should be hunted and punished. you can be grateful of the things you have around, treasure your memories and important people. you definitely know well how to deal and live in this life, make sure to have enough fun and don't work yourself out or worry too much! you have already done the best by being yourself.
compatible with: type D, type B, type A
lyrics: 1999, bloody train, fine weather day, don't tell lies, allergy, monkey science, shout out, dreamless world
music: monkey science | fine weather day | dreamless world | shout out
PVs: 1999 | monkey science | don't tell lies
support siam shade
Take the quiz!

What type of SIAM SHADE songs are you?

Your songs are wonderful melody with inspirational power!
strong values, strong willed, strong beliefs, steady self-esteem, a believer, a hopeful person, a prayer, a dreamer. yours eyes and mind love to see brighter future and great dreams and imagination, despite how polluted your surroundings can get. highly optimistic, very ambitious, and will fight thru for your goals or to experience new things. sometimes can get carried away by daydreams, remember to walk the talk or your effort and plans will be gone to waste. you have many inspirations and rolemodels and wishes, but without realizing, you brought many inspirations and happiness to others as well. what will the world be without you. keep it up!
compatible with: type C, type B, type A
lyrics: if ~hitorigoto~, fly high, kumori nochi hare, dreams, dazed and alone
music: kumori nochi hare | dreams
PVs: dreams | kumori nochi hare
support siam shade
Take the quiz!

Copy and paste the codes to your blogs, friendster/myspace, sites! ^__^

I took quiz myself, I got type F, wahahahahaha. Something tells me I make not enough questions though, what you think? Need feedback to improve ^^

Which Siam Shade member are you? quiz is in progress!

Let me know your results, I would love to know! :D


TODAY IS ALREADY 18TH NOVEMBER 2007! My, how time flies so fast.

I encouraged everyone who lurks or stalks reads this site (this is especially assigned to those who can't attend the concert or go to Japan) to participate in this exciting 17 hours countdown to Heart Of Rock LIVE!

(image by Darin)

Each hour will be post about anything random that has to do with SIAM SHADE or any of the former band members (HIDEKI, KAZUMA, DAITA, NATCHIN, JUNJI). It could be about your feelings for the concert, some fanarts or graphics you made, your experience about their music, interesting facts you want to share about them, found goofy pictures of them and feel like posting, etc!

Post up your stuff here and I shall feature it in our main site which is http://kokorokararock.blogspot.com/ !

See you all there ^_^/

Anna Sagara

PS. also, there will be a LIVE shoutcast lead by June of South America region. will post more about it later as the details is not released by her.

PSS. I will be occupied/online all the time until Monday morning (19 Nov. '07) to keep up with HEART OF ROCK event, add me at Yahoo! Messenger withe my ID "anna_sagara" or Skype me at "anna_sagara at yahoo dot com" and my new email is "anna sagara at gmail dot com". Keep in touch!